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Truck, tanker, car – 3 specialized vehicles are licensed for transportation in the petroleum business

Specialized vehicles carrying petrol and oil are one of the transportation devices that play an extremely important role in the petroleum business. Currently, there are 3 types of specialized vehicles that are licensed to transport in the business: trucks, tankers, cars.

3 most used cars in the petroleum industry (updated 7/2018)

Vehicle tank oxitec cars (tankers) carrying petrol and oil

Speaking of this type of vehicle, the first thing we think of is aluminum tank trucks, Hyundai tank trucks, Hino tankers, tank trucks, etc. These are the outstanding petroleum transport equipment currently in the market. Each device has its own advantages and disadvantages to best suit its function.

A tanker truck is a specialized gasoline tanker, in which the tanker is also known as oxitec. In other words, tank trucks and specialized tank trucks often have an aluminum tank. In fact, the tank (oxitec) is applied in many different cases with many types of materials such as chemical tankers, milk trucks, bran tankers, water tankers, etc. The application of this transport equipment is extremely high.

Refer to the information about the Hyundai brand aluminum tank truck below:

Vehicle Names: Hyundai HD360 gasoline tanker truck – 29,000L
Origin: Korea
Material: Aluminum
Uses: Transporting petrol and oil, transporting gasoline
Brand: Hyundai

Asphalt truck

In addition to Oxitec cars (tankers) carrying petrol, the asphalt truck is also considered as one of the most specialized vehicles currently used on the market.

Among many prominent brands in the market of specialized transport vehicles today, the SMRM devices carrying asphalt 40ft – 28.5m³ are most interested.


Vehicle Names: Semi-trailers carry asphalt 40ft – 28.5m³
Origin: Viet Nam
Material: Steel
Uses: Transporting asphalt
Brand: Semi-trailers

Petroleum truck

Gasoline trucks are one of the most popular vehicles in addition to cars or tank trucks. On the market, two types of outstanding trucks are currently the most popular: crane trucks and aluminum trailers. Specialized and popular petroleum vehicles nowadays are aluminum tanker trailers carrying petrol.

Details about the product are as follows:

Vehicle Names: Aluminum fuel tanker semi-trailers 44,000L
Origin: India
Material: Aluminum
Uses: Transporting gasoline

Points to consider when classifying specialized vehicles in the petroleum transport business

Specialized vehicles have separate designs and features suitable for each specific field, and only take effect when they are properly applied. There are many types of specialized vehicles specifically divided to meet the diverse needs of customers. The main criterion is based on the purpose of use in the transportation business of gasoline that the vehicle will be classified into different vehicle groups. Specifically: Tank trucks, tank trucks, asphalt trucks, and many other specialized vehicles. In this article, we will share about vehicle structure as well as current regulations on special-use vehicles for gasoline transportation in 2018, so that customers can understand more. From there, there is the choice of the best-specialized vehicle for the smoothest transportation of gasoline.

About structure

Specialized tank trucks, as well as all other types of specialized transport vehicles, are composed of two main parts: the base vehicle and the specialized part.

In particular, the base car here is the truck without a body (chassis) of the firms on the market. Typical car brands are Hyundai, Hino, Thaco, Dongfeng, Howo …

The specialized part (cistern, fuel tank) has an elliptical shape, is composed of 2 small parts including body and head. Equipment is divided compartment, technological pipes, paint colors according to customer requirements.

Regulations on specialized vehicles

If you want to understand more about special-use vehicles in business, it is best to consult the official information, which is prescribed by legal documents. This is currently being applied by companies and businesses. To avoid unnecessary losses due to lack of preparation.

Article 19 of Decree 84/2009 / Decree – The Government stipulates the means of transport in the petroleum business, specifically as follows:

  • Enterprises must have specialized petrol and oil transport vehicles owned or co-owned by enterprises.
  • The means of transporting petrol and oil must meet the requirements and standards prescribed for petrol and oil transport, and be inspected and permitted for circulation by competent agencies according to law provisions.
  • The truck must affix the “explosive goods on fire and explosion” symbol on the windshield of the vehicle and have a permit to transport fire and explosion goods.
  • Means of transporting petrol and oil must maintain all safety and fire prevention and fighting conditions of the vehicle during the time permitted to transport substances and goods at risk of fire and explosion, including fire extinguishers and fire blankets, and grounding chain.

It’s not just about knowing the rules for buying specialized vehicles. At the same time, the price of specialized vehicles is also a matter of concern for many businesses. Also, what is the price of specialized vehicles on the market today? , and how to choose the product with the most reasonable price when you only do business with a modest capital.

The price of specialized vehicles on the market in 2018

It can be said that to start a petroleum business, capital and goods are the two most important things. Therefore optimizing the source of goods at a reasonable price is what any petroleum trading, and transporting unit is most interested in.

According to current statistics, the price of petrol tankers ranges from nearly one billion to over one billion. This is the price for business units can refer. The price of a product depends on many factors such as brand, size, and specifications of the product.

For more detailed prices of each product, please refer to the websites of reputable petrol & oil trading equipment & machinery suppliers. One of the websites we recommend for you is IMAE JSC international equipment and machinery JSC, This is a distributor of specialized vehicles such as tankers carrying gasoline, chemicals …

For small and medium-sized businesses that have just started, understanding the information about products and prices is a critical issue that requires in-depth analysis, specific planning, and careful consideration. Because this is a huge amount of business.

Hopefully, the above information has partly helped you to have a more solid basis on using tank trucks, cars, trucks in the transportation of petroleum businesses to make the best choices.

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