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The information you need to know when buying a semi-trailer aluminum alloy 43m³

Aluminum alloy tankers are increasingly popular in the market because they not only provide greater safety than other tank trucks but also help to save costs. At IMAE – the first unit to apply aluminum alloy technology to produce aluminum alloy tankers, the commitment of quality of semi-trailers 43m³ meets DOT 406 standard from US.

Technical specifications of semi-trailers 43m³ tank trucks

A new 100% quality semi-trailers tank truck will be designed in compliance with the regulations of the Registry with the following specific parameters:

Firstly, for the parameters of the tank body, the whole body of the tank is designed with aluminum alloy with a thickness of 5mm.

  • Bulkhead: The same is also used aluminum alloy material with a thickness of 6mm, mo form. Including horizontal wave walls and vertical wave walls.
  • Tank leg: The tank leg of semi-trailers has a thickness of 16mm.
  • Piping system: used 100% of aluminum pipes Ø90 and 3mm thick.
  • The trunk on the side: The semi-trailers is equipped with 2 round trunks running in parallel along the tank body.
  • Drain valve: Ball valve Ø90 is used for materials: stainless steel, Teflon seal.
  • Quick coupling with snap cap Ø90 made of aluminum alloy material.
  • The side bumper and rear bumper are made of 60 × 30 box steel and 4mm thick steel.
  • Mudguard: SS400 or composite
  • The front and rear working platforms are made of 3mm corrugated iron.
  • A staircase is designed firmly with aluminum pipe Ø34 (01 pieces), combined with V bar with the purpose of anti-slip, and ensuring safety.

Second, for the specifications of the semi-trailers 43m³ – 44m³

  • Semi-trailers include the Gemany brand 12-ton 3-axes imported from Germany with an air balloon design.
  • 28T JOST type kickstands, 50# pull points, 12R22.5 tires, and aluminum alloy tires.
  • Semi-trailers also has ABS, Wabco of the German brand.
  • And equipped with 12 tires + 1 spare 43m³ type; 6 tires +1 spare type 44m³

The technological and legal system of semi-trailers tank trucks 43m³

Besides applying aluminum alloy design technology, semi-trailers tank trucks are also applied to several other technology systems to ensure maximum safety when transporting gasoline. And there are 3 main systems:

  • Firstly, the safety system – fire protection with 02 powder extinguishers 8kg.
  • Second, the steam recovery system is regulated.
  • Thirdly, the emergency closed bottom valve system uses compressed air, emergency closing when an incident occurs. This system helps completely isolate gasoline in the tank from the source of fire, ensuring the safety of property and people in the event of an explosion.

In terms of legal documents – registration, vehicles are issued a certificate of quality of safety and environmental protection of gasoline tankers, accompanied by a certificate of factory quality, GCN has been appraised and a certificate of tank capacity (measurement paper) – provided after parking tie.

Perfect from design to the legal aspect, The semi-trailers 43m³ is a specialized vehicle that deserves to be selected. For other questions about this tank truck, contact the hotline 0968.19.11.22 for the most detailed answer.

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