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How do the tank trucks of IMAE company work in the Coronavirus and the salty drought of Western Vietnam?

In recent times, the Covid-19 virus has caused people in Vietnam and around the world to experience fluctuations. Everywhere must be constantly disinfected and clean. Besides, farmers in Vietnam need to rescue agricultural products when they cannot export goods. In addition, people in the western part of Vietnam are now facing a drought which has made crops fail and life harder.

Facing the Corona disease, the government organization collaborated with local authorities and disease control centers (CDC) to develop solutions to isolate and spray disinfectants everywhere. The place to start applying this solution is where the disease outbreak. Also, companies, businesses with everybody in Vietnam have contributed their efforts to support the people in the country. First, to rescue agricultural products, then to assist people in Western Vietnam to overcome this saline drought.

On Saturday, March 14th, 2020 at Binh Thuan province disease control center, a large-scale disinfectant was sprayed in Phan Thiet city.

In Ben Tre city of Western Vietnam, many companies and businesses that support people by using tank trucks and trucks to transport water and fresh water to people in here.

Based on the above-mentioned situations, IMAE Company has a clear understanding of the current situation and needs in the market. Our company with more than 10 years of experience specializes in tank trucks, petrol tank trucks and water tank trucks that can support every wanted of customers.

Functions of the current tank trucks at IMAE:

  • Pumping, carrying water
  • Antiseptic spray, antiseptic
  • Internal fire fighting
  • Clean the surface and wash the road
  • Water the tree
  • Watering the road against dust

Suitable for use in industrial parks, residential areas, golf courses, utility companies, parks, and greenery areas.

Tank trucks at IMAE include 3 types of vehicles as follows:

  • ISUZU FVM 15 M3 Euro 4
  • ISUZU FVZ Euro 4
  • ISUZU FVR 12 M3 Euro 4

Specific information for ISUZU FVM 15m3 Euro 4 with genuine 5 years warranty

  • Isuzu FVM34TE4 platform vehicles assembled at IMAE Factory according to Japanese Isuzu standards.
  • Isuzu 6HK1E4SC engine – Euro 4 standard, maximum power 206 kW / 2400 v / min.
  • Pump system imported from Europe, flow 40m3 / hour, head 80 m.

Cistern tank carrying the water of 15,000 liters

  • Body: 5 mm thick aluminum alloy, with wave guard.
  • Partition: 5 mm thick aluminum alloy.
  • Foot tub: Aluminum alloy 8 mm thick.

Technological systems of tanks

  • High-pressure nozzle and duckbill nozzle are arranged in front of the vehicle, the function is to spray water to wash the road and prevent dust.
  • Taps for watering plants: Aluminum alloy.
  • Centrifugal pump system: New 100%. A flow rate of 30 m3 / hours, 40 mm high head.
  • Specialized water spray gun, arranged on the working floor behind the sack, is suitable for watering plants or fire when needed.

Details for ISUZU FVZ Euro 4 vehicles

Water truck washing washer road 3-foot Fuzi Isuzu. Combined with the stainless steel tank, special spray gun mode, and 5years warranty.

The vehicle is manufactured by advanced technologies so the Isuzu FVZ tank truck is equipped with the following specifications:

  • Weight of the car up to 9005 kg with 3475 kg in the front and 5530 kg in the rear.
  • Allowable payload up to 1480 kg
  • The maximum number of people allowed to carry a car is 3 people.
  • The weight of the whole vehicle is up to 24000 kg
  • The dimensions of the vehicle are 8350 x 2500 x 3790 mm
  • Front and rear wheel tracks are 2060/1850 mm
  • The vehicle axle number is 3
  • Wheel formula is 6 x 4
  • The engine type is 4-stroke, 6-cylinder in-line, turbocharged with brand 6HK1E4SC
  • The volume of motor up to 7790 cm3
  • Type of ball screw drive system with a hydraulic motor drive.

Description for ISUZU FVR 12m3 Euro 4 models

ISUZU FORWARD F-SERIES BLUE POWER 12-tank Isuzu tank truck with Common Rail electronic fuel injection engine upgraded by the latest technology, ISUZU FORWARD F-SERIES BLUE POWER is a new generation of medium and heavy trucks with EURO 4 standard with high quality, outstanding durability, fuel economy, and environmental friendliness.

Multi-purpose water tank truck 12m3, European pump, Flow 40m3 / h, Head 80m, and 5 years warranty.

Tub specifications

  • Appearance: Ellipse
  • The capacity of specialized tanks: 12,000 liters to 20,000 liters
  • Main material: Good quality alloy steel, high resistance to corrosion and deformation. The entire specialized system is sandblasted anti-rust surface treatment. Or stainless steel material, or a durable aluminum alloy material.
  • Tank wall material: 4mm thickness
  • Spherical material: the thickness of 5mm
  • Specifications: Tank made from steel / stainless steel/aluminum alloy grade 4-6 (mm).

Above are 3 types of specialized tank trucks with universal and durable sprinkler irrigation over time that are trusted by customers. Hopefully, the above information has answered some necessary questions for you. If you have any questions or requests about the above 3 tank trucks please contact us at 0274 372 7772 for the fastest support. Wish you choose a model like that!

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