Nhãn hiệu – Số loại: SMRM

Loại xe: Chemical trailer

Dung tích bồn xe: 28m3 – 43m3

Đời xe: 2019

Description Details

LPG is abbreviate for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which is a light gaseous hydrocarbon mixture. LPG exists in nature in oil or gas fields and can also be produced at refineries during the distillation of crude oil.

Liquefied LPG is transported by specialized vehicles, tanks and trailers. Specialized production research for LPG because of the specific characteristics of the fuel. Do not make tanks and tanks in the usual way such as petrol, chemicals. Tanks carrying LPG are also studied and born from there.



Semi – trailers carring chemicals, fuel.

The body of the tub is made of 5mm steel plate, the front and the back of the tank are made of 6mm steel sheet, elliptical body, made from carbon steel.

Chemicals transport tank


The chemical transport industry has made progress in recent years, especially the transportation of industrial chemicals, which need to ensure strict safety and comply with many requirements specified in the transportation process. Transporting chemicals must comply with legal provisions on road and rail traffic safety and order and relevant laws. Do not transport chemicals that can react with each other on the same vehicle ..In fact, there are still some difficulties such as: old tank trucks are no longer suitable for transportation standards in the chemical industry. The transport route consumes more fuel than the current standard, affecting customers’ economic benefits.

The old-fashioned tanks were old by the years, and the cost of repairing and repairing the tanks accounted for most of the repair costs of the chemical transport business.